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United States Еlections

Here you can get acquainted with the latest news about the US elections 2024. They are scheduled for November 5. As a result of the vote, the 47th president of the country will be elected. Provided that the current head of state wins the leadership, the 46th president will rule the country. Former head of state Donald Trump also announced his intention to participate in the election campaign.

The domestic and foreign policy of the country will depend on the representative of which party will be able to win a convincing victory. The candidates nominated by the parties following the outcome of the primaries (intra-party voting) will be submitted for voting. Citizens cannot influence the nomination of a candidate. The outcome of the vote will be decided by the electoral college.

You can make predictions and watch how they come to life. The system of elections in the United States is designed so that the most improbable outcome can become a reality. Stay tuned for new information that will be constantly updated. It will be collected from reliable sources.