2024 United States Еlections
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US presidential candidates


US presidential candidates


United States Еlections

The USA presidential election is scheduled for November 5, 2024. Provided that the incumbent President Joe Biden does not get the necessary number of votes, the 47th president of the US may be elected. Last November, the 45th President Donald Trump announced his readiness to participate in the election campaign. And in April 2023, the current president announced his candidacy.

Who has the right to nominate his candidacy

Under current law, a presidential candidate must be a USA citizen by birth. His age cannot be younger than 35 years. A potential candidate for the presidential election must have lived in the country for at least 14 years. From February to June 2024, primaries will be held in 50 US states to nominate a single candidate from the Democratic, Republican and others parties. The selection will also be conducted in the District of Columbia and in five US territories.

Voters will first choose for the nominated list of delegates from the party. The candidate who receives the majority of votes will have the opportunity to propose a candidate for vice-president.

The presidential elections will be held in two stages. First, a popular vote will be held. The US population will vote on the first Tuesday in November. This day in 2024 will fall on the 5th. On the 41st day after the popular vote, the second stage will be held, in which the electors will take part. Their decision will be the most important one.

How many candidates can be nominated

Not only representatives of the two largest USA parties can take part in the elections. Although it should be noted that candidates of other parties usually do not gain more than 1-2% of the vote. Therefore, the main struggle is unfolding between Republicans and Democrats.

Candidates who managed to collect donations to the election fund, the amount of which exceeds $5 thousand, will be able to participate in the Election 2024. Within 15 days, the candidate will be able to submit an application for nomination to the election commission.

At the moment, it is quite problematic to predict the exact forecast of the USA Presidential Election 2024, because the political situation may change under the influence of external factors. However, despite the uncertainty, analysts identify several potential candidates who may have a serious chance of winning. Among them: incumbent President Joe Biden, his predecessor Donald Trump, US Vice President Kamala Harris, who will try to get support from Democrats, former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley.