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USA Presidential Election 2020

Jan. 23, 2023, 12:18 a.m. ET
USA Presidential Election 2020

The US presidential election, which took place in 2020, was predicted to have historical significance. And this is not surprising: the opinions of American citizens became radically different from each other. It was said that there was a split in society against the background of the pandemic and the economic crisis, which was one of its results. Protestants began to appear on the streets more and more often. The traditional rivalry between the two main parties reached its apogee.

Features of US electoral system

Many Americans criticize the electoral system for being undemocratic. Citizens believe that it has outlived its usefulness and requires reform. The election campaign lasted more than a year. It was carried out against the background of difficult socio-economic conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The United States has adopted a system of indirect voting. Voters in each state make their own choice, which serves as a guide for the electors. As a result of the final stage, Joe Biden overtook President Donald Trump by 45 electoral votes. A member of the Democratic Party won 306 votes, while his opponent received 232 votes. The required number to win is 270.

At the same time, it is interesting to note that during the preliminary stage, both candidates scored almost an equal number of votes. But on November 3, 2020, the majority of electors voted for Biden. His victory was made possible by 55 electoral votes representing the state of California.

Can the results be trusted

According to the results of the 2020 presidential election in some states, the gap between candidates was minimal. But in the whole country, the victory of a member of the Democratic Party was convincing. The evidence for this can be considered:

  1. Joe Biden was leading in the national vote. According to the data provided, he managed to gain 74.5 million votes. Trump scored 4 million less.
  2. The Democrat managed to win in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. There, the representative of the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton did not get the right number of votes to win in 2016.
  3. Biden was close to winning even in states like Arizona and Georgia. Democrats haven't won there since 1996.

Joe Biden's term of office will soon be coming to an end. A year later, on November 5, the US presidential election 2024 will be held, the outcome of which is currently causing a lot of controversy.

USA Presidential Election 2020


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