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Social sphere in USA

Oct.. 27, 2023, 14:35 a.m. ET

The United States retains a leading political position on the world stage. According to some economic indicators, the country ranks 2nd after China, where the economy is developing at a progressive pace. Statistics show that the average incomes of Americans are considered the highest in the world. At the same time, the majority of the country's population faces social problems on a daily basis. There is a clear balancing of the economy on the verge of a total crisis, which cannot but affect the lives of ordinary citizens.

Poor condition of railways

Since the beginning of 2023, several rail accidents have occurred in the United States. The details were only briefly mentioned in several American media. For example, a train with a large amount of chemicals crashed in Ohio, and a whole train caught fire in Minnesota. The main causes of these incidents were the deterioration of railway surfaces and inefficient operation of transport infrastructure. Accidents on railways are quite common in the United States, and they no longer surprise the citizens of the country. However, the consequences have recently begun to take on a dramatic character.

Poor condition of railways

The role of social guarantees

There are no operating programs in the country that provide citizens with free guarantees. Support from the state is provided in the targeted form. And it can be directed at a certain group of people. These measures make it possible to partially compensate for the lack of material resources that are necessary to partially meet the needs of socially vulnerable groups of the population.

People with confirmed low income, with the loss of a breadwinner in the family, or citizens who have lost their jobs due to unemployment can count on receiving social assistance. The lack of stability in the provision of social assistance periodically leads to riots.

A large number of migrants

The problem of migration has long been acute in the United States. Ordinary citizens regularly express their disagreement, due to the large flow of migrants. Against the background of their protests, the government has repeatedly raised the issue of imposing restrictions on entry into the country. Most of all, this concerns refugees from Muslim countries and the Middle East. However, according to the liberal-minded representatives of the authorities, any restrictions on entry are unacceptable for a free country.

A large number of migrants


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