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Changes in the US economy during Joe Biden reign

Thu. 28, 2023, 10:21 a.m. ET
New Year and election year in the USA

The election race continues to gain momentum, and despite the weather outside on the eve of the New Year, there is tension in society. Increasingly, the question arises: whose wishes will Santa Claus fulfill in the coming year. If he sides with the Democrats or supports the Republicans – the situation will be fully clarified in November 2024.

Judging by the commercials and campaign programs, representatives of both parties have a good chance of winning the election. Hopefully, Democrats and Republicans will declare a Christmas truce for a couple of days, which will last no more than 48 hours. Although even after stopping mutual attacks, they continue the election race on these holidays, in front of decorated garlands and Christmas trees.

Main contradictions and loud statements

The election campaign of the current American president Joe Biden focuses on an attempt to present the former head of state Donald Trump to society as a threat to democracy. For more information about this information, see the document provided by Bloomberg. It outlines the strategy of the incumbent president against his main rival.

In the document, Joe Biden directly points to the threat that Donald Trump posed to American democracy in 2020. In addition, it says that since then it has become even more serious. According to representatives of the Democrats, Trump is waging a campaign of revenge and retribution. And all this is happening at the expense of the freedoms of Americans. At the same time, the current president greatly downplayed the number and importance of economic problems that were identified during his reign.

Forecasts for the 2024 elections are still far from clear. But many political analysts are inclined to believe that Trump has a great chance of winning. According to statistics, he is actively supported by many Americans who appreciate his achievements during his last term of office. However, Trump's downgrade may be influenced by his attitude to political decision-making. Some of them show complacency and unwillingness to take into account the opinion of ordinary citizens.

Kamala Harris is also actively involved in the presidential race. Her selection as the Democratic vice presidential candidate came amid long-running anti-racist protests. Well, we'll wait and see. There are very few days left until November 5, 2024: just over 10 months.

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